Don't know where you're going wrong with your Social Platforms ? Or maybe you just need a health check. I can provide an audit of your Social Media and recommendations of how you can move forward.

Whats involved
First Impressions

Over all thoughts on the body of your Social Platform. From all sections been filled in properly,  cover images and  website details. I'll give you a 3 level assessment of where you are doing well or needing improvement.

Digital social media

Your Content is key to the success of any Social Platform. Using the 3 level assessment assess the level of posting, engagement and responses. Are you utilising your Bio to its fullest potential. An overall view of your brand, created v's  curated content, all vital to your organic success.


Summarising all of the above I will give you some key recommendations to take your platfroms to the next level.

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Sound like something you need ?


£ 70

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